Please Note: As we are registering students for the school year, if you would like to schedule a classroom tour or have questions answered, please contact our Registrar, Erin Hill via Contact Us

Please call the Preschool at 724-834-1940 and leave a message on the machine or with the church’s secretary. Please include your child’s name, child’s teacher and date of absence.

Please inform the teacher immediately in writing. In addition, a letter must be submitted to the Rocking Horse Preschool Board stating the reason for withdrawal and the date of withdrawal.

The best way to communicate any personal information with your child’s teacher is to drop a note into the “For the Teacher” tray that you will find on the teacher’s table. If you would like a phone call from the teacher, please include your telephone number in the note.

Please do not use the teacher’s home telephone number except in the case of emergencies. You may call the teacher at home if you are scheduled to bring in the snack, but your child is ill and will not be coming to school that day; or if you have told the teacher you will be a parent helper but are unable to do so; or if your child has an illness that requires her/him to be out of school for an extended period of time.

Other than the above instances, all phone calls should be directed to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 724-834-1940. Leave a message either with the church secretary or on the answering machine. Please be sure to include child’s name, name of person calling, the reason for the call and a return phone number.

Here are some safe and child-friendly websites for learning and resources for children aged Pre-K through 5th grade. Universal Kids (Sprout) Disney Junior PBS Kids