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Safe Snacks

Fruits (cut grapes or cherries in half)
Fruit cups
Cheese or Cheese Sticks
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (All flavors)
Honeymaid Graham Crackers or Sticks
Vegetable Sticks
Sunshine Saltine Crackers
Teddy Grahams
Thank you for helping to keep all of our children healthy and safe!


About Food Allergies
A list of allergies for each student in your child's preschool session will be given to parents during the first week of school. Please take note of this list when you are preparing snacks for your child's class and be certain your food choices are suitable.
     If you are a parent of a child with allergies, please be as specific as possible regarding any sensitivities. Also, please ask every day regarding the snack choices available upon drop off. We do our best to prevent incidents from happening. However, if a parent makes a homemade snack (cookies, brownies, etc.) we are not completely sure of the ingredients. It is always best for the parent to check the snack and let us know if it is safe for her/his child.
     A child with a sensitivity may bring in her/his own snack if what is being offered is not suitable. The preschool always has pretzels available. 


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